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Frank Krementz two-tone gold cufflinks, circa 1925.

Frank, the other Krementz

Frank Krementz was a member of the Krementz jewelry dynasty. He was the brother of George Krementz, founder of the eponymous Krementz & Company. In 1910 Frank left his brother's firm after 38 years and established his own shop, Frank Krementz Company. One wonders if there was a dynastic split, artistic differences or just new opportunities best exploited in a new firm.

Frank Krementz Sapphire and gold cufflinks, circa 1925.

Frank Krementz cufflinks are wonderful examples of Art Deco design. They capture the fun exuberance of the Jazz Age and reflect it in light, imaginative designs. Sometimes set with small vibrant gemstones or accented with enamel work, the cufflinks were designed to dance and sparkle on the cuff. Frank Krementz links are a nice counterpoint to the bolder, heftier designs that were popular during the late Art Deco period.

Frank Krementz white gold cufflinks, circa 1925.

The white gold or two-tone tops were engraved with intricate linear or floral patterns. The prevalent use of white gold and style of the cufflinks suggests that the firm began manufacturing cufflinks in the early 1920s.

Frank Krementz Co. specialized in creating 14kt white and yellow gold jewelry. Over the years the firm produced a glittering array of cufflinks, bar pins, pendants and lorgnettes. After World War II, the firm's focus shifted to eyeglass frames and accessories. In the late 1960s the firm returned to the fold when it was acquired by the original Krementz & Company.

The maker’s mark for Frank Krementz Company is a reversed "F" joined with a "K". The mark is preceded by "14" for the purity of the gold. The maker's mark is most often found stamped on the cross bars of cufflinks. Because the cross bars are rounded the mark is sometimes obscured or only partially rendered.

Frank Krementz Company 14kt white gold cufflinks, circa 1925.

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