Saturday, May 17, 2008

Carter, Howe Moss Agate Cufflinks, circa 1900.

Moss Agate

Diamonds are dandy and Sapphires swell, but when it comes to antique cufflinks Moss Agates have an inescapable charm. A beautiful variety of quartz, fine Moss Agate has the appearance of a watery forest of seaweed floating in a crystal, clear pool. Like fingerprints, each specimen of Moss Agate is unique. It is little wonder that this intriguing gemstone was a favorite among cufflink and jewelry makers during the early 1900s.

Carter, Howe Cufflinks, circa 1900.

One of the firms that embraced Moss Agate was Carter, Howe & Company. Carter, Howe created beautiful cufflinks and dress sets with Moss Agate set in 14kt gold. The firm often backed the transparent Agates with mother of pearl to highlight the beauty of the green inclusions. Carter, Howe was a predecessor of Carter, Gough & Co. which created beautiful platinum and gold cufflinks during the 1920s.

Carter, Howe Moss Agate Vest Buttons, circa 1900.

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