Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Greetings!

Victorian moss agate cuff button, circa 1900.

Vacation season is here! While acquiring new cufflinks for the gallery and following up with research into the history of cufflinks, I have found several days to enjoy the warmer water at the beach and head north to hike the mountains of New Hampshire. I hope everyone is enjoying an equally pleasant summer.

Soon I will be posting several recent additions to the gallery and at the end of the month unravel the mystery of the Winged Bridge maker.

Until then I leave you with the above late Victorian cuff button set with one of my favorite gemstones - moss agate. The swirling green inclusions of this elegant variety of quartz are inescapably reminiscent of the seaweed beds I see while swimming at the beach.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recent Additions - Cufflinks and Stickpins

Recent additions to the Antique Cufflink Gallery include striking Victorian moss agate bean backs, a pair of Krementz roaring lions, Art Deco green and gold cufflinks from Larter & Sons and a mysterious Art Nouveau warrior princess from Link & Angell.

Victorian moss agate cufflinks. (J9212)

Moss Agate  Victorian moss agate cufflinks featuring a swirling tangle of green inclusions that brings to mind seaweed floating in filtered sunlight along the ocean floor.  Crafted in 10kt gold,  circa 1900.
Cost:  $765

Krementz roaring lion cufflinks. (J9174)

Roaring Lions  A roaring lion announces his authority among the windblown grasses of the savanna.  The lion is beautifully sculpted with a flowing golden mane and fierce, piercing eyes.  Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1900. Cost:  Sold

Larter 14kt yellow gold and green enamel cufflinks. (J9213)

Green and Gold   An elegant pair of gold cufflinks with green enamel accents.  The beautifully engraved centers teem with jazzy, undulating lines that create a rippling, wave-like pattern.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1920. Cost:  $785

Art Nouveau heroine cufflinks. (J9211)

Warrior-Princess  Art Nouveau jewelers often celebrated heroines from myth and history.  These cufflinks feature a warrior-princess with a resolute stare and flowing golden tresses.  Crafted in sterling and silver-gilt, circa 1900. Cost:  Sold

In the Antique Stickpin Gallery recent additions include a striking Egyptian Revival stickpin set with a bright sapphire from the Art Deco period.

Egyptian Revival stickpin with sapphire. (J9206)

Deco Egypt  Alternating papyrus stalks and palmettes surround a brightly glowing sapphire.  A striking example of the Egyptian theme jewels of the Art Deco era.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1920.    Cost:  $465

These and other fine jewels can be found in
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