Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Art Nouveau Cufflinks

Art Nouveau cufflinks crafted in 14kt gold.
Created by Krementz in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

Krementz & Company is one of the oldest and most prolific of the American jewelry makers. Over the 150 years since the firm's founding in 1866, the Krementz family has been involved in almost every aspect of jewelry design and manufacturing.

One summer while on break from Yale, Richard Krementz, son of the firm's founder, took a bike tour of Europe. During his travels he fell in love with the sinuous curves and exotic themes of Art Nouveau design.

Upon his return to the United States, his new passion found expression in beautiful enamel brooches and wonderful gold cufflinks featuring sinuous curves.

Krementz Art Nouveau cufflinks crafted in 14kt gold.

Flowing, unrestrained curves were a hallmark of Art Nouveau design. These elegant gold cufflinks from the early 1900s beautifully capture the spirit of the age. The sinuous curves recall the artwork of Alphonse Mucha and Aubrey Beardsley. Created by Krementz & Company in 14kt rose and yellow gold, circa 1900.

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