Thursday, February 7, 2008

Carrington Platinum Cufflinks

Another pair of striking solid platinum cufflinks from the 1920s. This pair features linearly engraved centers surrounded by scrolling wave-like borders. On the back they are engraved "12-25-23". Somebody had a very good Christmas in 1923!

Like the pair I featured earlier, these platinum cufflinks were created by Carrington & Company. Carrington was a maker of fine cufflinks and other jewels during the first half of the last century, 1900 to 1950. They made beautiful gold and platinum cufflinks for many of the finest retailers of the day, like Tiffany & Company.

Solid platinum cufflinks from the early 1900s are rare. In the early 1920s platinum cost eight to ten times as much as gold. So platinum cufflinks were often made with only a thin layer of engraved platinum on top of 14kt yellow gold.

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