Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sapphires and Scrolls

In the early decades of the last century Wordley, Allsopp & Bliss (and several successor firms) created beautiful gold cufflinks. Engraved with graceful pendant swags and accented with elegant scrolls, the cufflinks recall the Neo-classical designs of the late 1800s. The cufflinks were often set with cabochon sapphires and decorated with dark enamels.

Crafted in 14kt gold, these "swag and scroll" cufflinks exemplify the exuberant elegance of the 1920s. They are set with dark blue cabochon sapphires. Created by Allsopp-Bliss Co., circa 1920.

Allsopp-Bliss also created a "swag and scroll" dress set crafted in 14kt white gold and set with cabochon sapphires. The bright white gold and blue sapphires give the set a jazzy sparkle. The dress set consists of cufflinks and three matching shirt studs.

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