Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recent Additions

Recent additions to the Antique Cufflink Gallery include a striking pair by Carrington featuring abalone, pearls and platinum, elegant Sapphire and Diamond cufflinks, Charles Keller blue enamel and gold cufflinks in the Arts & Crafts style, two pairs of dramatically engine-turned "Big Bang" cufflinks, and an Onyx and Diamond dress set by Carter, Gough.

Carrington abalone and pearl cufflinks. (J9041)

Carrington Abalone and Pearl Elegant abalone and pearl cufflinks in the Art Moderne style of the late 1930s. The abalone is a dark aubergine hue with flashes of red and green. Crafted in platinum and 14kt gold, circa 1935.

Elegantly engraved sapphire and diamond cufflinks. (J9039)

Sapphires and Diamonds Elegantly engraved platinum cufflinks set with blue sapphires. and sparkling diamonds. Surrounded by dramatic borders of winged volutes and stylized blossoms. Crafted in platinum and 14kt gold, circa 1920.

Charles Keller Arts & Crafts blue enamel and gold cufflinks. (J8999)

Keller Arts & Crafts Gold and blue enamel cufflinks in the Arts & Crafts style. The brightly polished yellow gold centers are surrounded by a captivating border of blue enamel. Crafted in 10kt gold, circa 1910.

Elegant diamond and platinum cufflinks. (J9046)

Big Bang The brilliance of beautifully engraved platinum and sparkling diamonds. These cufflinks radiate outward like exploding fireworks in the night sky. Crafted in platinum and 14kt gold, circa 1925.

Elegant diamond and onyx dress set. (J9030)

Diamond and Onyx An elegant diamond and onyx dress set from the 1920s. The white gold borders surrounding the black onyx are engraved with a dramatic Art Deco zigzag pattern. Created in 14kt gold, circa 1925.

Antique white gold engine-turned cufflinks. (J6508)

Big Bang II White gold cufflinks beautifully engraved with a radiating pattern that explodes like a silvery firework in the night sky. Crafted in 14kt white and yellow gold, circa 1925.

We also recently added an elegant Egyptian Revival stickpin
to the Antique Jewelry Gallery.

Egyptian Revival stickpin set with a luminous pearl. (J9033)

Additional photos of these and other fine antique cufflinks,
can be found in the Antique Cufflink Gallery.

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