Sunday, November 15, 2015

Recent Additions - Cufflinks, Brooches and Stickpins

Recent additions to the Antique Cufflink Gallery include diamonds with serpentine scrolls, elegant jades from Carrington, mesmerizing "Op Art", jazzy Art Deco sapphire cufflinks and a beautiful gold dress set with moonstones.

Elegant diamond and scroll cufflinks. (J9327)

Diamonds and Scrolls  A serpentine tangle of scrolls surrounds a bright diamond.  The beautifully worked scrolls and undulating gold surfaces reflect light in an elegant golden aura.  Created in 14kt gold,  circa 1890.    Cost:  $925

Carrington jade cufflinks. (J9304)

Carrington Jade II  Beautiful spinach green jade cabochons set in bright yellow gold.  The verdant lustre of the jade and high polish of the gold create an alluring warm glow.  Created in 14kt gold,  circa 1900.    Cost:  $885

Huger optical art cufflinks. (J9302)

Op Art  Finely engraved concentric circles create the illusion of either a tall mountain of stacked circular terraces or a tunnel infinitely regressing into the distance.  Created by William Huger & Co. in 14kt gold,  circa 1930.    Cost:  $645

Art Deco sapphire cufflinks. (J9318)

Art Deco Sapphire  Elegant Art Deco cufflinks with richly engraved centers and borders.  A wonderful example of the beautifully designed, intricately detailed cufflinks of the early Art Deco period.    Cost:  $725

Moonstone and gold dress set. (J9320)

Moonstones and Gold  The silvery blue shimmer of moonstones complemented by the warm radiance of yellow gold.  This elegant dress set captures the bold simplicity of Mid Century design.    Cost:  $1,375

Recent additions to the Antique Brooch Gallery feature a diminutive Art Nouveau pin, a sapphire and pearl bar pin and a wonderful flower brooch by Whiteside & Blank.

Art Nouveau brooch of woman. (J9316)

Art Nouveau A wonderful diminutive Art Nouveau brooch of a strong, clear-eyed woman framed by her flowing, untamed tresses.  A dark pearl is set at the end of her golden headband.  Crafted in 10kt gold, circa 1900.    Cost:  $425

Sapphire and pearl brooch. (J9317)

The Aviatrix  Luminous white pearls and a bright blue sapphire. The overall design of this small brooch is reminiscent of the wooden propellers of early airplanes.    Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1920.
Cost:  $325

Art Nouveau flower brooch. (J9326)

Fleur Nouveau An Art Nouveau golden flower set with small white pearls.  This brooch wonderfully captures the sense of a fragrant flower swaying in a gentle breeze.  Created by Whiteside & Blank in 14kt gold, circa 1900.    Cost:  $385

New to the Antique Stickpin Gallery is a striking golden scarab created by Carter, Howe.

Carter, Howe winged scarab stickpin. (J9294)

Carter Scarab  A golden scarab with soaring wings.  Among the Victorians scarabs were viewed as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration and often attributed amuletic powers.   This finely crafted example was created by Carter, Howe & Co. in 14kt gold, circa 1900.    Cost:  $465

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