Sunday, August 3, 2008

Moonstone Cufflinks

Carter, Howe moonstone cufflinks, circa 1900.

The shimmering, billowy sheen of Moonstone was eagerly embraced by late Victorian and Art Nouveau jewelers. Gently rounded Moonstones enhanced the romance and mystery of jewels and contrasted with the sharper edges of faceted gemstones. This note illustrates a striking pair of gold and Moonstone cufflinks created by the jewelry firm Carter, Howe & Co. in the years around 1900.

Moonstone and 14kt gold cufflink, circa 1900.

Crafted in 14kt gold, the cufflinks feature cabochon-cut oval Moonstones set in beautifully chased gold bezels. The simplicity of the design complements and heightens the beauty of the gemstones.

Carter, Howe & Company, along with its successor firm Carter, Gough & Co., created beautiful gold and platinum cufflinks, dress sets and accessories during the early decades of the last century. The principals of the firm appear to have had a particular affinity for lesser known, more unusual gemstones like Moss Agate, Onyx, carved Mother of Pearl and Moonstone. Although sometimes mislabeled as semi-precious, these gems become rare treasures when found in a pair of antique cufflinks.

Carter, Howe maker's mark and gold purity mark.

The Carter, Howe maker's mark, an arrowhead surrounding a small letter "C", is stamped on the curved bridges of the cufflinks. To the left of the maker's mark is found "14K" for the purity of the gold.

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